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Irish man is banned from all pubs in the UK after he gets drunk and scales royal castle


There's plenty of ambulances out most nights in British towns as the heavy-drinking culture in this country leads to health emergencies and violence.


Matt Cardy

Most people just get drunk in pubs so that they can meet a new romantic partner. But one brave man had loftier goals: to scale a royal castle.

Robert Pennefather, 32, admitted to trespassing the Windsor Castle after hitting the bottle too hard, the Daily Telegraph reported. He was so drunk, however, that he didn't know he was trespassing. Rather, he thought that he had already been drinking at the castle all night, and was actually just trying to leave when he began scaling an 8-foot-gate guarding the royal residence.

Police found him just 65 feet away from the Queen's private apartments, BBC News reported. He is now banned from all pubs in the United Kingdom for a year. 

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"This was a very serious matter indeed as you must realize now that you are sober," Chief Magistrate Howard Riddle told Pennefather, according to the Telegraph. "There was a significant breach of security in a way that shows you were sufficiently competent to climb at least a 5-foot-barricade."

Pennefather told reporters that he had been drinking lager, but that his friends left him before he made it to the castle.

His defense lawyer called it a "case of drunken folly," according to the BBC. He also received a 14-day jail sentence and a £1,000 fine.  

The news comes just as the British government moved one step closer today to banning cheap liquor in the UK, The Globe and Mail reported