Syrian shells land in Lebanon


A Lebanese man stands on a dirt barrier which separates Lebanon from Syria in the Bekaa Valley region of al-Qaa in eastern Lebanon on October 21, 2011. Syrian shells fell in the border region as violence continues to erupt in and around the restive city of Homs.


Joseph Eid

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Syrian shells fell across the border in northeastern Lebanon late Wednesday night, increasing fears that violence from the neighboring conflict will spill over.

Reuters reported the shells injured a Syrian fleeing in Lebanon and that residents in al-Qaa heard heavy artillery fire. A "resident said one shell had detonated next to the main school."

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The Daily Star reported that seven shells were fired and machine gunfire started at 9 p.m. and continued for four hours. Anonymous sources from Lebanese security forces told the Star "the shooting was an apparent response to infiltration attempts across the border."

Fearful of the attack, some residents fled the town, Agence France Presse wrote. "Syria has mined several regions along the porous border to prevent the smuggling of weapons and infiltration of rebel fighters," the newswire wrote.

A map of the town of Qaa can be found below:

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