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Australian teenager's house party turns into a riot


A shot of one of the rooms in Melbourne teenager Jackson Arru's house after his 18th party.


Herald Sun

MELBOURNE, Australia -- An 18th birthday party in Melbourne, Australia, turned into a riot after it was promoted on Facebook.

The Herald Sun reports that up 100 people showed up to the house party thrown by teenager Jackson Arru.

"Don't ask me who came. I didn't know everyone," he said quoted as saying by the newspaper. "I thought the house was going to get burnt down."

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Photographs show smashed windows, and doors torn from their hinges and broken in half.  Cupboard shelves, broomsticks, a didgeridoo and a portable fan were reportedly used to punch holes into walls and ceiling throughout the property.

Other footage shows a lawnmower being pushed down the hallway and a washing machine being overturned.

Police responded to complaints of loud music, and removed an under-aged drinker from the scene.  The party was shut down at around 11pm.

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Channel's 7 Sunrise program compared Arru's party to Project X, a movie about a high school house party that rages out of control.

The new release has launched a trend of copycat parties across the United States, ABC says.  Last week four young people at Project X party in Utah were shot by gang members.

When asked about the link to Project X, Arru said:  "My party wasn't that crazy."

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