IDF cracks down on weekly magazine after article shows soldiers in drag


Military weekly "Bamahane" causes scandal after featuring pictures of a soldier in high-heeled red boots.



Israeli military weekly "Bamahane" is in trouble after running an article about soliders who double as drag queens while off-duty.

According to the Associated Press, the article interviewed three active duty soldiers who dress in drag on their downtime, while featuring a photo of one of the soldiers with high-heeled red boots and a gas mask.

The interviewees pointed out that so called "drag queens" could be found in most Israeli military units, including the most elite ones.

The IDF said Tuesday that the magazine is now required to send its articles for approval to the chief education officer in the Education and Youth Corps section before publication.

Bamahane has written before about gays and lesbians in the military.

The army weekly has faced controversy for its publications about homosexuals in the IDF in the past.

According to Haaretz, in 2001, another issue was blocked as it included a photo with a solider holding a rainbow colored flag under the headline: "This is how I came out of the closet."

Other articles on homosexuality and gay pride marches in the military have passed without issue.

Israel has accepted gay and lesbian soldiers since 1993 and currently allows soldiers to participate in Pride marches.