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McDonald's in Beijing sold expired food to customers


McDonald's french fries sit under a heat lamp at a McDonald's restaurant on April 19, 2011, in San Francisco, California.


Justin Sullivan

A McDonald's in Beijing has been selling expired food to customers, the China Central Television program reported. A reporter from China Daily then visited the restaurant the next day and found that its doors were shut. A sign on the restaurant's door said "business suspended," according to China Daily. 

The CCTV video from earlier this week shows employees changing the expiration date on food packages so that they don't have to throw old food away. In another instance, cheese was left out for four hours, dropped on the floor, and then picked right back up and put on a hamburger.

"All of the germs will die if you just fry the meat in oil," one McDonald's employee said in the video, according to China Daily.

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After the television program aired, China's Food and Drug Administration sent its health investigators to the store, the Wall Street Journal reported

CCTV's report came out during World Consumer-Rights Day on March 15. News reports on poor business practices have become somewhat of a tradition in China during the holiday.  

"Foreign brands get targeted more because their business practices are watched more closely than domestic companies in China," a senior analyst at China Market Research Group told the WSJ. 

McDonald's has 1400 restaurants in China, and the country is its third biggest market, Reuters reported.