Canadian kids riot on St. Paddy's Day (VIDEO)


Students dance around a burning TV news van Saturday night in London, Ont. Police arrested 11 after about 1,000 set vehicles ablaze and hurled rocks and bottles at police and firefighters.

More than 1,000 college students confronted riot police after torching a news van during a wild St. Patrick’s Day in London, Ont., on Saturday.

After the mayhem that caused $100,000 in damage ended, police arrested 11 while hospitals treated rioters and emergency workers for injuries, The London Free-Press said.

“Every one of our members on Fleming Drive was assaulted last night,” police Chief Brad Duncan told reporters today. “The severity of this mob mentality could have easily resulted in death.”

He said rioters damaged 17 police cars by throwing rocks and bottles at police, while preventing firefighters from dousing the flaming news van.

The drunken mob controlled a block of the city’s infamous “student ghetto” near Fanshawe College, setting a TV news van on fire and stoking the flames by heaping furniture, garbage and even a 60-inch TV set on top of it.

“In any city it’s unacceptable,” fire Chief Paul Carew told CBC News. “Watching the video made me sick. I hope those people are happy with themselves.”

Cost of the damage is expected to climb as at least 1 other car was lit on fire, the Free-Press said.

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More than 60 police officers in full riot surrounded the miscreants.

“To say that I am disappointed and disgusted is an understatement,” Mayor Joe Fontana told The Globe and Mail. “We can thank our luck stars that nobody was killed ... this is an injury for the whole city of London ... they will pay.”

Elsewhere on St. Paddy’s Day, gunfire wounded 5 teens in Indianapolis on Saturday night.

The victims were between ages 14 and 17, the Indianapolis Star said.

One victim was shot in the face, another in the chest.

“I think there was some relationship between the shooter and the victims,” police Chief Paul Ciesielski told the Star. “We have several good leads. We hope to be able to bring someone in and make an arrest very quickly.”

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