Peshawar: Attack leaves at least 3 officers dead


A Pakistani man mourns the death of his brother, one of 12 people killed in Thursday's attack on a bus station near Peshawar.


A. Majeed

Local officials say at least three officers were killed in a blast at a police station in northwest Pakistan early today, the Associated Press reported.

Local officials said militants armed with grenades and rifles swarmed the Kotwali Police Station in the northwestern city of Peshawar, according to AFP, in an attack that left at least three policemen dead. 

The Kotwali station is staffed by over 300 officers, said AP, quoting Peshawar police chief Imtiaz Altaf as telling reporters there that attackers wanted to "occupy this police station, but they failed."

Provincial Information Minister Iftikhar Hussain told AP the attack was probably the work of the Pakistani Taliban. 

Today's violence comes one day after a car bombing near a bus station in Peshawar killed 12 people, including two children.