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Disneyland security repeatedly pepper-sprays violent man during a fight (VIDEO)


A screengrab from a video of the incident shows Horlacher on the ground as he is pepper-sprayed by Disneyland security.

LOS ANGELES — Disneyland is not the most likely backdrop for a brawl, but a seemingly intoxicated man turned violent on the Anaheim, California theme park's security staff last weekend, throwing punches and swearing until he was subdued with pepper spray.

It is unclear what sparked the incident, but 53-year-old Glenn Horlacher was swearing and throwing punches at security guards as other park-goers looked on and some eventually jumped in to restrain him, CBS Los Angeles reported. The fight was captured on video with a cell phone camera and posted to YouTube, where it quickly went viral. 

“Do you know you’re at Disneyland? There are kids here! Stop! There are kids here," one onlooker screamed repeatedly.  

Another onlooker speculated out loud that Horlacher had been drinking vodka. 

Anaheim police sergeant Bob Dunn said police were called to the Tower of Terror ride at Disney's California Adventure at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, Los Angeles Daily News reported

"When we arrived the suspect was being held by a few patrons and Disney security officers," Dunn told reporters. 

Anaheim police arrested Horlacher, and released him after issuing him a citation, KABC News reported. One of Disneyland's security members was hospitalized as a result of the fight. 

"Our security cast member was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for the injuries he sustained and then released," Disney public relations director Suzi Brown told reporters. "We appreciate the actions of the guests who came to his aid during this uncharacteristic incident."

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