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Congo: Albino rapper N'Kashh prepares his debut album

Tanzania's first elected albino lawmaker Salum Khalfan Barwany (R) smiles as he poses with his wife Fatuma (L) and their 6-year-old daughter Shuweikha (C) in the southeastern Tanzanian town of Lindi on Nov. 4, 2010.
Credit: Yasuyoshi Chiba

BOSTON — The struggle of an albino's life is not one that is commonly shared or told, especially in Africa, where albinos are often ostracized and even murdered.

Albino rapper N'Kashh, however, is about to share his struggles through his debut hip-hop album, which he hopes to release this April.

N'Kashh, who is from Goma in the Democratic Repubic of Congo, raps mainly in French, according to the BBC.

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The hip-hop artist told BBC that his debut album's title track is going to be Ame Seule or Lonely Soul, which is a tribute to victims of the violence against albino people in Africa like N'Kashh himself. 

Here's a picture of N'Kashh from his MySpace profile:

In Africa people with albinisim, a genetic condition that causes the lack of melanin pigment in the skin, eyes and hair, are often associated with ghosts and demons. Albino children are seen as a curse on the family for a past wrongdoing, so these children are rejected even by their own parents. 

In Tanzania, albinos are targeted and killed the moment they are spotted, reported The Telegraph.

According to GlobalPost correspondent Jon Rosen, "scores of albinos are murdered in Tanzania each year because witchdoctors covet their skin and body parts for potions many believe will bring wealth and good fortune."

In 2010, however, Tanzania elected its first albino member of parliament Salum Khalfan Barwany, but he constantly felt threatened and feared he would fall victim to albino hunters, reported The Guardian

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In any case, N'Kashh is taking a bold step to speak out on behalf of the marginalized albino community in Africa.

Below is N'Kashh's video of Ame Seule (Lonely Soul) from 2010:

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