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You can't mail that: furry skulls intercepted by US customs


What appear to be mouse door skulls, shipped from Laos to Minnesota, were intercepted by customs agents in California.


U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Tiny, furry, possibly foot-and-mouth disease infested mouse deer skulls from Laos?

No, you can't mail that.

Six skulls sent from Laos to Minnesota were intercepted by U.S. customs agents in California, the San Francisco Weekly and other outlets report.

The disturbing little heads were concealed in a bag of fruit peels and -- guess what? -- you can't ship that either. In addition to various viruses the skulls may carry, the citrus peelings could carry their own harmful diseases.

Customs agents aren't sure why someone in Laos would mail mouse deer skulls to Minnesota. But it's worth noting that Minnesota is a refuge for a large community of ethnic Hmong, a hill tribe recruited by the CIA to fight Lao communists in the 1970s.