Sweden's Twitter democracy

Sweden's Twitter account is currently in the hands of Hanna, a lesbian truck driver.

Sweden's has extended its democracy to the Twittersphere. 

In December, officials from the country's tourism board decided that they would hand over the reins of their @sweden Twitter account to a different citizen each week.

So far, the project, which has been called "the world's most democratic Twitter account," has featured tweets from a female priest, an advertising executive and an organic sheep farmer, Reuters reported

This week, Sweden's tweets are from Hanna, "just your average lesbian truck driver." 

"Gosh, I really enjoy being @sweden," tweeted Hanna. "They'll have to grab the account out of my dying hands."

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The @sweden account has already broached subjects that run the gamut from the Nordic nation's weather to immigration to music, food, alcohol, religion and hunting.

"In this age of internet and transparency, if you want to be credible, you have to let go of control and empower the people," said Tommy Sollen, VisitSweden's social media manager, who was part of the team that came up with the idea. "We want to be seen as progressive, open, credible and truthful." 

The account's guest tweeters are given complete freedom for the week, though they are asked to make clear that their views are their own, Reuters reported. 

@sweden currently has 20,832 followers, but those behind the Twitter experiment say it has more than doubled its number of followers in just five weeks.

"Sweden won't be a location as much as a state of mind," Hanna told Reuters by phone before climbing into her truck on her way to Denmark and the Netherlands.  

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