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Nigeria News: Oil strikes called off by main unions (VIDEO)


A soldier stands next to protesters at Ojota district in Lagos on Jan. 16, 2012. Nigerian security forces fired tear gas and shot into the air Monday to disperse around 300 protesters in Lagos as authorities moved to prevent demonstrations in various parts of the country. Nigerian unions announced on Jan. 16 they were suspending a week-old nationwide strike over fuel prices which has shut down Africa's most populous nation and brought tens of thousands out in protest.


Pius Utomi Ekpei

NAIROBI, Kenya — President Goodluck Jonathan's gamble in reducing the cost of gasoline at the pump seemed to have paid off on Monday as unions called off their week-long strike in protest at the removal of fuel subsidies.

The decision by the union was justified on the grounds that the protests — and, more importantly, the government's response to them — might cost lives.

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This fear appeared well-founded as soldiers fired into the air and used tear gas to disperse crowds.

The main unions also claimed success saying that no Nigerian government would take the people for granted again but such crowing seems a touch premature as the people-driven Occupy Nigeria protests continued across the country, irrespective of what the unions say.

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It remains to be seen whether ordinary Nigerians will be bought off by a small reduction in the price of petrol.

There were some other worrying events on Monday as journalists reported being harassed and CNN said that its bureau was entered "unannounced" by security services.

Here's a video on the latest reaction of Nigerian citizens:

Nigerian President Slashes Fuel Prices
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