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Understanding Haiti Through Comics

Two years after the earthquake, what's the best way to convey what it's like to live in Haiti?

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Well, American cartoonist Matt Bors thinks comics may be the most effective. He's editing a comics journalism project about life in Haiti since the earthquake. The first chapter, "Tents Beyond Tents", was published online Thursday by Cartoon Movement.

The World's Marco Werman speaks to Matt Bors about the Haiti comics journalism project.

Matt Bors was insistent that the comics journalism project about Haiti be written and drawn by Haitians. He spent a month in Haiti looking for just the right team.

He summed up his trip in a cartoon and a video that follows his thinking about the Haiti comic journalism project.

By the end of his trip, Matt had found a writer for the project: Pharés Jerome, a reporter for Le Nouvelliste, and a talented comic artist named Chevelin Pierre.

The duo have just completed the first chapter called, "Tents Beyond Tents," about how so many Haitians affected by the hurricane are still living in tent camps.