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Indian hospital patient attacked by rats (VIDEO)


Rats allegedly attacked a 70-year-old man in a government-run hospital in India.



An Indian patient was reportedly attacked by rats at a government-run hospital in Jodhpur, India, The Huffington Post reported

The 70-year-old patient was paralyzed and on ventilator support at the Mathura Das Mathur hospital. He was found yesterday morning by his family members with injuries on his ears, nose and lips allegedly caused by rats, the Times of India reported. The hospital has assembled a three-person committee to look into the incident. 

"The hospital compound is big and has several holes through which sometimes rats move in, but we have arrangements for pesticide and rodent control," Dr Surendra, Deputy Superintendent of the hospital and one of the members of the committee, told the Times of India. He also said nursing staff on duty was taking care of the patients when the alleged incident occurred.

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However, an anonymous doctor at the hospital told The Hindustan Times that the nurses would have been asleep when the rat attack occurred.

“The hospital staff - from doctors to security guards - go to sleep before 11 pm, leaving the patients on their own,” the doctor told the Hindustan Times

This is not the first incident of rats attacking patients in Indian hospitals. In 2009, an infant was allegedly attacked by rats soon after he was born, NDTV reported. In December, a man died in a hospital in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) after having his penis gnawed off by rats, The Asian Age newspaper reported.  

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Here's a video on the hospital rat attack:

Rats Nibble on Paralyzed Man in Hospital
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