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Kenya News: State and Shabaab dispute, airstrike or ambush?


An ongoing war between Kenya and the al Shabaab has led to uncertainty regarding the facts on the ground. Here, militia allied with the Federal Government of Somalia and Kenyan Defence Force soldiers walk along the coast near Burgabo village, Southern Somalia on December 14, 2011. Burgabo is a Somalian port village which has been secured by Kenyan forces as they advance further up the Somali coastline in search of Al-Shabaab fighters.


Carl De Souza

NAIROBI, Kenya — Another day, another set of contradictory (and tricky to verify) messages from the Kenyan army and the Shabaab.

According to Kenya it launched a successful air raid on a Shabaab base wiping out 50 Islamist fighters, a neatly round number of dead, as ever. "This is one of the biggest losses to the Shabaab. The concentration of fighters was believed to be preparing to attack our troops in Fafadun and Elade," Major Emmanuel Chirchir told Reuters.

Meanwhile, using its increasingly cult-popular Twitter feed the Shabaab spoke instead of an ambush in which its fighters ambushed and killed 7 Kenyan and Somali government soldiers - or "apostates" as the Shabaab would have it - before their opponents "fled within 20 minutes."

"All Praise is due to Allah!", HSMPress added

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