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Nigeria News: Occupy protest in Ibadan


Occupy Nigeria has arrived in Ibadan. Here, lawyers carry a banner and placards as they march in Lagos streets to protest against soaring fuel prices on January 5, 2012. Nigeria has seen increasingly volatile demonstrations since the government announced the end of fuel subsidies, causing petrol prices to instantly double.


Pius Utomi Ekpei

NAIROBI, Kenya — In its latest iteration the Occupy movement comes to ... Ibadan!

Where? Well, it's a big town in the sweltering south of Nigeria with the country's oldest university.

It is also, like elsewhere in one of Africa's leading oil producers, suffering from the irony of high fuel prices because while Nigeria produces oil it can't refine it, not really.

The government ushered in the New Year by removing fuel subsidies which overnight as much as doubled petrol prices.

It hasn't gone down well.

In the northern city of Kano a similar protest ended in tear-gassing and beatings meted out by the police rapid response unit, known locally by the brief but descriptive moniker "Kill 'N' Go".

The latest Occupy Nigeria protest in Ibadan doesn't look that impressive yet, but give it time.