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Syria's revolution now has an official website


Huge national flags are seen as Syrian's rally to show their support for their President Bashar al-Assad in the capital in Damascus on November 13, 2011, a day after the Arab League suspends Syria until President Bashar al-Assad implements an Arab deal to end violence against protesters, calling for sanctions and transition talks with the opposition.



ISTANBUL, Turkey — The Syrian National Council officially launched its website on Wednesday.

The sleek website is the latest effort by the Syrian National Council to seek more credibility and legitimacy as a representative for the Syrian opposition. The groups involved in the uprising have largely lacked a centralized organization since the revolt began last March.

“We are committed to maintaining open and transparent communications with our constituencies in Syria and abroad, and the website is one of several tools to achieve this goal,” said SNC General Secretary Wael Merza in a statement.

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The SNC has sought to be a unifying institution, bringing together disparate organizations and movements within Syria, and consists of eight major blocs. It is comprised of 310 representatives, both in the country and abroad.

The Syrian government has not been granting journalists access inside the country and information about what is happening on the ground is difficult to confirm.

“This development marks another milestone as the SNC enhances its media and public relations efforts to ensure that information about the Syrian Revolution and the SNC’s progress are communicated quickly and efficiently,” said a press statement from the Council.

Aside from a membership roster and explanation of what the SNC is, the website also outlines some of the appeals that the SNC has been making to the international community, including a request to establish a safe zone within Syria.

The site is available in English and in Arabic at