Spain: Job seekers make the ultimate sacrifice


When it comes time to seriously look for a job the tattooed members of Spain's "indignados" movement will probably do what so many others are doing: get their tats lasered off.



When I left college and first got into the job market I shaved my beard and got a haircut. It was simple and relatively cheap. Today's youth have a more difficult time of it. They have added tattoos to the mix and getting rid of them is painful and pricey.

Apparently, in Spain, according to this item in The Guardian, people are having tattoos removed so they can get jobs, particularly in the civil service, police and fire departments, all of which ban tattoos. Given how few jobs are being created in the private sector the pain and the expense - 200 euros ($258) to remove a smallish tat - not to mention the discomfort - seems worth it to many.

Original article with more details is in La Vanguardia, for those who read Spanish.