Wenceslas Square in Prague (Photo: Jeffrey B. Ferland/Wiki Commons)

A city square shows up in the Geo Quiz: We're looking for a square that's closely identified with a revolution. Not Tahrir Square, in Cairo. The one we want you to name is in Prague and it's associated with the 1989 Velvet Revolution. Many of the massive, non-violent demonstrations that brought about the collapse of communism in Czechoslavakia took place there. Back in Middle Ages, this square was a place for horse trading. It was renamed in 1848 in honor of the patron saint of the historical region of Bohemia. On Monday thousands of Czechs were gathering there to bid farewell to the man who led them through the Velvet Revolution: Vaclav Havel. So, name this square that's part of the historic center of Prague. The answer is Wenceslas Square.

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