Iran claims arrest of another CIA spy


Iranian Revolutionary Guards on parade in Tehran.


Atta Kanare

Iranian intelligence services have arrested a CIA agent in Iran, according to the country's Intelligence Ministry.

In a statement given to state media, the unnamed male suspect was said to be of Iranian origin and working as an analyst for the American intelligence agency.

He was reportedly identified by Iranian secret services at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan, which serves as a base for US and other international forces.

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According to the Intelligence Ministry, quoted by the Associated Press:

"The individual was put under the watch of Iran's intelligence and was being pursued after crossing into our country and arrested simultaneously as he began his espionage mission."

Iran's secret service believes the suspected agent was on a mission to carry out "a complex intelligence operation and infiltrat[e] the Iranian intelligence apparatus," reported state-owned Press TV. Once inside the intelligence ministry, he was supposed to "feed it deceptive information on a large scale," according to Agence France Presse's report.

The ministry indicated that more details would be released in the coming days.

The suspect "has served in the intelligence units of the US Army[,] has served US missions in Afghanistan and Iraq and has passed highly sensitive and complicated training courses for the mission," said Fars news agency.

Last month, Iran announced that 12 CIA spies working in partnership with the Israeli intelligence service had been captured in Iran and Lebanon. Few details of the alleged network were given. Reuters reported that 15 people were indicted last Tuesday on charges of spying for the US and Israel.

And two weeks ago, Iran claimed to have brought down a US spy drone, which Washington later admitted to have been operated by the CIA.

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