Brazil bans smoking in enclosed spaces

Brazil passed a law today that prohibits smoking in enclosed places.

The new law, signed by President Dilma Rouseff, makes Brazil the largest nation to ban smoking in enclosed public and work spaces, according to the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, reports the AP.

Several Brazilian cities already had smoking bans in place, but the national law goes even further, prohibiting designated smoking rooms in airports and bars.

A number of Latin America countries also have anti-smoking laws on the books.

Argentina prohibits smoking in enclosed public spaces, as do Venezuela and Guatemala.

Honduras has one of the strictest laws, allowing family members to file complaints over secondhand smoke in their homes.

Of course, just because laws are on the books, doesn't mean everyone is snuffing out their smokes. Chileans are still the heaviest smokers in the region despite a strict anti-tobacco law.

Read a roundup of smoking laws around Latin America here.

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