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Kim Jong-un's hairstyle is a fashion hit


Kim Jong-un, who is pictured on a television screen, has a popular hairstyle that is said to resemble that of his late grandfather, Kim Il-sung.


Jung Yeon-je

Just call it "The Rachel" amongst North Korean men.

According to Reuters, Kim Jong-un, the son and possible heir to current leader Kim Jong-il, has a hairdo that is a fashion hit.

Young men in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang are apparently lining up to get his hair.

The cut, known as "youth" or "ambition," consists of trimming the hair to the scalp, about an inch over the ears, and then slicking it back on the top of the head.

A North Korean state news agency earlier this week, reported Reuters, quoted a barber who said that short hair, medium-length hair, and square-cut hairstyles are getting popular among young men.

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Reuters also reported that in September, another news source called "Rodong Sinmun" wrote that neat and short hair makes young people look "captivating":

"A young man with (an) ambitious high sided haircut looks so sobering and stylish."

Kim, who is known as "The Young General," is said to have this hairstyle in order to resemble his grandfather, Kim Il-sung, and win over public approval.

In October 2010, several news media outlets began to speculate that Kim even underwent plastic surgery to look like his predecessor.

According to The Telegraph

"The youngest in the Kim dynasty has the same chubby cheeks as his grandfather, a double chin and the familiar mouth that turns down at the ends... The images are in stark contrast to previous photographs, which depict Kim as a slender teenager who looks nothing like his paternal grandfather."

It added that another newspaper, "Dong-A Ilbo," reported that North Korea wanted to guarantee Kim's position "as the country's next leader through a 'reincarnation of North Korea's late founder.'"

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