Kevin Lunsmann,14-year-old Filipino-American, escapes Islamic kidnappers (VIDEO)


Police show the US passports of Gerfa Yeatts Lunsmann, (L), and her son, Kevin, on July 12, 2011. Islamic militants kidnapped the two US citizens and their Filipino relative while the family was on vacation. After being held for five months, Kevin Lunsmann finally escaped.



After running barefoot in the jungle for two days, 14-year-old Filipino-American Kevin Lunsmann finally escaped the hands of his kidnappers on Sunday.

According to the Associated Press, Lunsmann was kidnapped in July, while he was on vacation with his family in the Filipino island of Tictabon.

He was taken with his mother, Gerfa Yeatts Lunsmann, who is a fellow American, and their relative, who is a native of the Philippines.

They were held at gunpoint by 14 members of Abu Sayyaf, an Islamic militant group with ties to Al Qaeda.

The Daily Mail reported that they were being held for ransom, but it still unclear if any was paid.

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In October, Lunsmann's mother was released by her kidnappers. The other relative, Romnick Jakaria, escaped last month when special Philippine army forces approached an Abu Sayyaf camp.

Lunsmann managed to escape after he told his armed captors that he would go take a bath in a stream, reported The AP.

He then "made a dash for freedom Friday in Basilan province... followed a river down a mountain until villagers found him late the next day."

In an interview with CNN's WSET, Lunsmann's father, Heiko, said that his son was a hero.

"It was a tough time, it was a tough five months," he said. "I am so proud of my son. I'm just so happy."

According to CNN, Lunsmann reunited with his mother at the US Embassy in Manila.

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