NYPD in trouble over racist Facebook page


An NYPD officer stands near Zuccotti Park in New York. Recently, the department has come under fire after a Facebook group containing racist comments is linked with several of its officers.


Stan Honda

The NYPD now has more to worry about than just the Occupy movement.

According to The New York Times, the NYPD has come under fire recently after it was revealed that several officers were linked with a certain Facebook group.

The group is mired with racist comments about the West Indian parade in Brooklyn.

"The comments in the online group... were at times so offensive," reported the Times, "that some participants warned others to beware how their words might be taken in a public setting open to Internal Affairs 'rats.'"

The Atlantic Wire reported that the group, called "No More West Indian Day Detail," had posts with comments including:

  • "I say have the parade one more year, and when they all gather drop a bomb and wipe them all out."
  • "Welcome to the Liberal NYC... where if the cops sneeze too loud they get investigated for excessive force but the ‘civilians’ can run around like savages and there are no repercussions."
  • "Why is everyone calling this a parade. It’s a scheduled riot."
  • "Bloodbath!!! The worst detail to work."

According to Slate, the group started in September and grew to 1,200 members. The page included comments from 150 people. Sixty percent of the Facebook accounts in the group matched the names of NYPD officers.

When a lawyer from the Brooklyn Defender Services came across the page, he made a digital copy, and handed it over to the Times. The department said that the NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau would be looking into the issue. 

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