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Report: Iran planning to attack US military bases in Germany


The Ramstein air base in southern Germany is the United States Air Force's European headquarters.


Ralph Orlowski

BERLIN, Germany—German authorities are investigating an alleged plot to attack US military bases in Germany in the event of an American strike against Iran, according to media reports.

Prosecutors suspect that, if Iran was attacked, Iranian agents would attempt to sabotage overseas bases to disrupt US supply and logistics operations, Bild reported Wednesday.

The paper said that a German national was under investigation by federal authorities for suspected espionage, having allegedly met secretly with Iranian diplomats in Berlin. A judge ordered a search of a house belonging to the suspect, said to be a businessman, on November 2, Bild said.

Attorney general Harald Range has since confirmed that prosecutors are investigating the matter, Der Spiegel magazine reported.

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However, police "do not see any immediate danger," said the head of the federal police service, Jörg Ziercke.

Contacted by the Associated Press, US embassy and military representatives said they were aware of the report but refused to comment on security measures.

The United States Air Force base near Ramstein in southern Germany is one of USAF's biggest overseas sites, said Der Speigel, and handles essential supply operations for American forces in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In 2007, German police arrested three suspected Islamist terrorists who were allegedly planning bomb attacks on Ramstein air base and Frankfurt airport.