Zuccotti Park: Protesters return without tents


From the Occupy NYC website.

Occupy Wall Street protesters are back in a tent-free Zuccotti Park after yesterday's ruling that they could return to the park without sleeping bags, tents and tarp.

Supreme Court Justice Michael Stallman ruled that the protesters' First Ammendment rights did not entitle them to camp out in the plaza indefinitely, CBS News reported.

On Tuesday morning, the park was seized by police after nearly two months of occupation by members of the anti-Wall Street movement. 

By Wednesday morning, the park was occupied again and police stood on watch around the area.

Yesterday, under the order of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, sanitation crews and police officers evicted protesters from the park.

According to Bloomberg, the protest had become a public health and safety issue. More than 200 people were arrested yesterday, NY1 reported.

However, the protesters planned to carry on with their message demonstrating against corporate greed and economic inequality, whether it would be in Zuccotti Park, or a new location, Time Magazine reported.

According to Time:

"This is much bigger than a square plaza in downtown Manhattan," said Hans Shan, an organizer who was working with churches to find places for protesters to sleep. "You can't evict an idea whose time has come."

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