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Germany: 2 women convicted of torturing mice, lizards with high heels for sex video


Ouch! Apparently some people are turned on by seeing live animals crushed by stiletto heels.


Jason Merritt

Two women were convicted in Darmstadt, western Germany, Tuesday in an exceptionally perverse case of animal cruelty, The Local reported.

The two women, aged 29 and 25, filmed themselves treading on mice, lizards and geckos whilst wearing high heels in order to satisfy a male client's sexual fetish.

He is being charged in a separate case.

The court was shown the video, in which the women not only stepped on the animals, but also ran mice over in a car and burned them with cigarettes.

The client promised the women an undisclosed sum of money to make the niche film, which falls into a type of fetish known as "animal crushing."

According to the prosecutor, it's a rare subcategory of the comparatively tame fetish for feet:

"Customers who watch films with such content, satisfy themselves according to our information, by watching pretty women slowly step on the animals, while wearing socks, high heels or while barefoot."

One woman received a suspended sentence of nine months and a fine of €500, ot be paid to an animal protection organisation. The second woman did not turn up to court and has not yet been sentenced.

The defense argued that the women had only resorted to the acts for financial reasons rather than their own satisfaction. One of the women had been saving up to move to the US and study business, he said, plans which she will have to abandon she will no longer be allowed into the country.