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PHOTOS: Endangered animals on the IUCN Red List


A one-month-old baby snow leopard (Panthera uncia) peeks at visitors at the Parc des Felins, a wildlife park located in Nesles, France. This park is dedicated to the preservation of endangered cats, including the snow leopard, a critically endangered species.


Catherine Gugelmann

The International Union for Conservation of Nature updated their Red List of Threatened Species today.  

More that 61,900 species were reviewed.  They declared that due to poaching, the Western Black Rhino is extinct according to a statement on their website.

Nevertheless, Jane Smart, director of the IUCN Global Species Program, said it is not all bad. “This update offers good and bad news on the status of many species around the world.”

In a call to arms, Smart said: “We have the knowledge that conservation works if executed in a timely manner; yet, without strong political will in combination with targeted efforts and resources, the wonders of nature and the services it provides can be lost forever.”

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