Mexico: Moms search for missing kids


Photographs of some of the missing.



A group of mothers from Central America have made it to Mexico after a trek in search of their missing children, according to this report by the Associated Press. 

Mexico's drug war, which has led to escalated levels of violence in the past several years, has led to many casualties. There are the major attacks, the threats and gruesome murders.

Journalists and others who have been threatened by the cartels have sought asylum in the US — and won, despite stringent asylum laws. 

There is also the threat to migrants from Central America, who must cross the volatile US-Mexico border to reach the north. 

Some of these have gone missing — usually young people who left their homes to seek a better life.

It's not clear whether they were caught up in the drug violence, or other crime or even died of natural causes. Some might still be alive; it's just not known.

Since 2000, groups of mothers from Central America have made annual trips to Mexico, looking for their missing children.

They've found 57 so far. And so they keep looking.