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Toronto's 'Occupy' Protesters Prepare for Winter

For the Geo Quiz, we're focusing on one of the international offshoots of the 'Occupy Wall Street' movement.

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In the United States, the attention of the 'Occupy' movement has shifted lately to Oakland, California.

There was violence there on Wednesday as demonstrators smashed windows and clashed with police.

Nothing like that in Toronto, Canada.

There are some tensions with authorities there, too but so far no violence.

One thing the protesters in Toronto are worried about is the cold. They've been camping out in a city park since mid-October.

The park is named after the Anglican Cathedral right next to it.

Can you name that park?

The answer is St. James Park. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Toronto Star reporter Josh Tapper about the Central Asian style tent homes called gers or yurts that have popped up in St. James Park.