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Moscow: Drunk motorist crashes into 17 cars -- while naked


This French traffic jam is nothing to the road warriors of Mexico City.


Phillipe Desmazes

A reportedly drunk motorist drove through central Moscow Sunday, crashing into 17 cars -- while naked.

Russia's state TV reported that the man, who appeared to be in his 40s, was being chased by Moscow police, who followed him through much of the city before stopping him, Reuters reports. Four of the 17 vehicles he hit were police cars.

The police then opened his car door and found the man to be completely naked.

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The driver, identified as Vitaly. G, told local media he blames his difficult love life, AFP reports.

"I was flying on the wings of love," he said in a tape of his testimony, according to

"The day before my loved one said she was no longer ready to have a serious relationship," he said.

State TV showed images of cars with shattered windshields and drivers with bloodied hands and faces.

Police spokesman Gennady Bogachev told state TV that the driver almost crashed into a bus filled with children.