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Quiet riot in Delhi after Metallica cancels show


In this picture taken 16 March 2007, Indian fans of British rock group Iron Maiden shout as their heroes perform during a concert in Bangalore.

It was no Tommy Lee-Pamela Anderson hotel room spat, but heavy metal fans in New Delhi erupted in anger Friday night after a last-minute postponement of a Metallica concert associated with this weekend's Indian Grand Prix, Agence France Press reported.

Irate rockers "smashed equipment and hurled bottles in chaotic scenes" after the bamnd cancelled their first ever Indian gig at the last minute due to safety concerns, the wire service said.

Notably, the fan response was more heated than the muted reaction when last year's concert by Bryan Adams -- whose songs remain in inexplicably heavy rotation at local bars and cafes -- was cancelled due to a problem with the permit.  But authorities will no doubt be taking a wait-and-see to the upcoming performance by Lady Gaga -- whom PETA supporters have asked to wear a lettuce dress -- at the Indian Grand Prix after party on Sunday.

Metallica said the concert in Gurgaon, near New Delhi, was initially postponed to Saturday because of damage to a security barrier, but organisers were then unable to secure a second permit.

"We are deeply disappointed with this news as we were looking forward to our first experience in India as much as you guys were," they said in a statement late on Friday, according to AFP.

Sad day for India, where rock and roll will indeed never die, apparently.