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VIDEO: Camera catches stunning pictures of what lies in waters of Australian harbor


More than 50 species of fish are reported to live in Darwin Harbor in Australia, information confirmed when a camera was sent down into the deep. (Photo from ABCau video.)

In north central Australia, scientists are using a new tool to conduct research the health of the habor in Darwin.

And they're getting some stunning pictures as well.

Scientist put a camera about the size of an average water bottle into the harbor to explore what and how many animals could be found. What they found was equal parts relieving and exciting.

"It's very healthy. If it were not, you wouldn't see the number of species filmed," said Kon Vatskalis, Northern Territory Fisheries Minister.

But in addition to finding more fish than expected, they also found types of fish that weren't believed to live in the area, including a specific type of coral trout.

The cameras also captured pictures of sharks and large fish, as well as more than 50 species of fish, all that live in and around Darwin harbor.

"What we saw was beyond our expectations,"said Victor Gomelyuk, a marine scientist. "It's really interesting and exciting."

Vatskalis said this videos gives them scientific proof that a call for more marine sanctuaries in that area is unwarranted. Conservationists, however, disagree.

"Ask any old-time fisherman in the NT (Northern Territory) and they'll tell you there are less fish in Darwin Harbor than there used to be," said Jess Abrahams, with the Marine Conservation Society.