Floods devastate northern Italy (VIDEO)


A car passes in a flooded street of Trigoria near Rome. One person died overnight near the Italian capital after strong winds and rain hit the country in December, 2008.


Filipo Monteforte

At least nine people are dead due to flash floods in Northern Italy after torrential rains that stretched from the Alps to Sicily.

Most of the victims of the floods were in Borghetto Vara, an Italian village in the north-western coastal region of Liguria. Mud and waters drove through the village. washing away roads and bridges and cutting off several towns. At least one building collapsed due to the floods.

Authorities have evacuated hundreds from their homes, reports Euro News.

One victim died while trying to clear gutters in the coastal town of Monterosso, which is built around a gulf.

"Monterosso no longer exists," said the mayor, Angelo Betta. The fishing village has been essentially wiped clean, The Telegraph reported.   

Rome was under a flood alert during the rains, but the storm did not cause much damage to the capital.

Major highways and railways in the region are expected to remain closed until Sunday, reports The Guardian.