China's TV problem

Chinese television is about to get a lot less entertaining.

Under the banner of a campaign to curb vulgarity, China's main entertainment censors have announced they are targeting programming on 34 satellite channels to be replaced with "healthy" shows. The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television has published new rules on TV programming, rules that are apt to cut the fun out of television by banning frivolous and edgier content. During prime time hours, the 34 channels will be limited to showing a total of only nine entertainment programs, while the rest must meet other guidelines, according to SARFT.

Satellite channels must also increase news programming and TV shows that promote socialism and morality, according to the Global Times newspaper.

"All broadcasting, TV and relevant organizations are not allowed to conduct ratings rankings, and they are forbidden from eliminating or evaluating programs solely based on audience figures," the Global Times quoted SARFT's rules as saying.