Crocs invade Bangkok's flooded outskirts


Crocodiles at a zoo on the outskirts of Bangkok in 2008.



As if Bangkok's deluged outskirts didn't have enough flooding woes, now they're forced to fend off escaped crocodiles.

In addition to losing homes and property to floodwaters -- and roving looters -- locals in a district outside the city have been forced to kill invading crocodiles.

The Thai-language newspaper Thai Rath reports one such encounter between a croc and a cop. The croc lost.

"The crocodile reared its head above the water and the police officer used his 9mm to shoot it in the head,"wrote Thai Rath. The outlet's croc photos are here.

Yet another outlet, Matichon, reports the sighting of a two-meter croc in the same area.

And the Bangkok Post tallies up two crocs shot dead and six captured. The animals are believed to have escaped from a nearby farm, according to the paper.