BlackBerry users think they have problems?

A South Florida woman opened up her monthly cell phone bill to find a balance due of $201,000-- and it wasn’t a typo.

Celina Aarons, who uses T-Mobile, usually sees a bill of about $175 per month. Her plan not only includes her phone, but her two deaf-mute brothers, the Associated Press reports. Her brothers communicate primarily through texting and also use their phones to watch videos.

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But when her brothers spent two weeks in Canada, with their cell phones on and changed to an international plan, Aarons saw her bill jump to $201,000, the AP reports. They had sent more than 2,000 texts and downloaded videos, charging up close to $2,000 data charges at a time.

Aarons, who was naturally horrified by her bill, was told by T-Mobile the balance was correct. She then called Miami’s local television station, and with the assistance of Help Me Howard, was able to get the charges cut.

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"I was freaking out. I was shaking, crying, I couldn't even talk that much on the phone. I was like my life is over” said Aarons, WSVN reports. Aarons argued the phone company should have notified her when they saw the charges racking up.

According to T-Mobile, the plan was billed $10 per megabyte and the rate was texted to him, along with four other texts, WSVN reports.

Luckily, T-Mobile knocked Aarons’ bill down to $2,500 and gave her six months to pay it off.


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