Pele: If Messi didn't see me play, I'll send him a video


Lionel Messi during a match between Barcelona and Chelsea on April 28, 2009.


Alex Livesey

Former Brazilian soccer star Pele says he'll send a highlight video to Lionel Messi so the Argentine can see how he played.

Messi, 24, is often considered the game's best current player, and mentioned as one of the best ever.

He recently admitted that he never saw Pele play. The Brazilian retired in 1977, a decade before Messi was born.

Messi also said that he considered Argentine Diego Maradona to be the best player in history.

“If he really did not see me, I'll do what I once did with Maradona: I'll send him the video 'Pele Eterno' and then he will," Pele said, according to EFE, referring to a documentary that contains one of his best moments on the field.

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