Occupy Denver, New York protesters clash with police


The buildings of Boston's financial district tower over the estimated 120 tents set up by Occupy Boston protesters.


Jordan Helton

Police arrested dozens of Occupy protesters in Denver and New York early Friday.

Fox News reports that police in New York arrested 10 demonstrators after hundreds marched near Zuccotti Park in downtown Manhattan. One officer hit a protester with his scooter, it states.

In one incident, an NYPD scooter accidently struck a protester, causing him to fall to the ground screaming before kicking the vehicle over to free his foot. He was then arrested.

Bloomberg reports that police arrested 14 in New York near Broadway and Exchange Place. New York City Police Department spokesman Paul Browne reportedly said in an e-mail that police arrested those who stood or sat down in the street, overturned trash baskets or hurled bottles.

About two dozen protesters were arrested in Denver Friday morning after police in riot gear approached demonstrators at the state's Capitol.

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A bigger clash over Zuccotti Park was avoided earlier Friday after a cleanup of the park was cancelled. The cleaning of the park was supposed to begin Friday morning, but was called off by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's office about 40 minutes before workers were to enter the park at 7 a.m.

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