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Traveling in Swaziland With an iPod

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The passing of Steve Jobs reminds us of Apple's strong position as perhaps the planet's main music distributor. That's thanks to its iTunes and the many devices designed to play iTunes music like the iPod. An iPod can also help you share the music you download with others. You can travel the world and bring your music library. The World's Alex Gallafent is on a reporting trip in Swaziland and yes, he has his iPod. Just the other day he played some of his favorite music to a Swazi youth organizer he was traveling with. Gallafent tells anchor Marco Werman some of the tunes he played on his iPod.

  • iPod (Photo: Matthieu Riegler/Wikipedia)

  • iPod (Photo: Matthieu Riegler/Wikipedia)

  • Steve Jobs previewing the iPod Nano at an Apple event (Photo: Apple)

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