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Shakira at the White House


Shakira, doing her thing.


Vanderlei Almeida

President Barack Obama has appointed Shakira to his presidential commission on education for Hispanics. 

Shakira, the Colombian-born pop diva, is better known for her something-else dance moves and her sultry voice. (Yes, we're fans.)

But it turns out she's actually into promoting early childhood education in Latin America. She has a foundation and everything.  

The presidential commission aims to improve education for Latino children in the U.S., because, according to the White House, they're the largest minority group in public schools, and also the group that attains the lowest levels of achievement.

The focus comes at a key time: Obama is trying to woo Latino voters who turned out for him in a big way in 2008, but have grown disenchanted with the president since he took office.

She even stopped in to see the president on Monday, the White House said:

The Colombian singer had meetings with administration policy officials on the subject of early childhood development, White House aides said. She "briefly stopped by to say hello to the President, and updated him on her work on the subject" after her meetings, an aide said.