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The Game Of Tejo


Tejo (Photo: pattoncito/Flickr)

We're in South America for the Geo Quiz, looking for a state in Colombia. It's mountainous and landlocked. It's northern-most tip borders Venezuela.

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There's a centuries-old tradition there of playing a game called Tejo. Here's how Arturo Wallace of BBC Mundo describes it:

"Basically you're standing 18 meters away from there is a big box with mud with little bags of powder and you have these very heavy weight that you have to throw to hit a target and make those bags of powder explode. That's Tejo."

So, can you name the Colombian state whose capital is Tunja and where the most popular pastime is Tejo?

The answer is the Colombian state of Boyacá. Arturo Wallace tells anchor Marco Werman that the 500 year old traditional pastime is getting a makeover in the form of a new phone app.