[waitingforcorrection: invalid GUID, no audio attached] In recent weeks, there have been dramatic developments in the Middle East for countries approaching democracy there. Yesterday, some surprising news came  conservative Saudi Arabia. King Abdullah granted women the right to vote, run in future local elections and join the advisory council, the Shura, as full members. It's a big step towards political reform in a country where women are not allowed to drive and can't work or travel without the permission of a male relative. Also over the weekend, violence escalated in Yemen, after President Ali Abdullah Saleh abruptly returned to the country and requested for a cease fire. The struggle continues there between government forces and militia loyalists. We're speaking with Aziza Al-Yousef, a women's rights activist and lecturer at King Saud University in the Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. Hakim Almasmari, editor-in-chief of the Yemen Post and correspondent for The Wall Street Journal, also joins us.