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Woman steals hearse with dead body

A woman in West Virginia stole a hearse from a funeral home on Tuesday. The dead body of an 85-year-old woman was still inside, reports MSNBC.

The hearse's driver left the car door open, and the engine running while he was inside the local funeral home. He was going to unload the corpse, when the suspect jumped inside, according to the International Business Times.   

Kenneth Bly, the hearse's driver, turned and spotted her jumping into the vehicle and speeding off.

According to reports from The Smoking Gun, DeHart had been in an altercation with her girlfriend, and exited the vehicle in which they were traveling.
She then noticed the hearse, and decided to jump in. She then called a friend to counsel her about what to do with the stolen vehicle.

The hearse was found near 23-year-old Angela Jeanette DeHart's house later, after a witness called the cops to report that DeHart had pulled up to his house.
The witness claimed she was operating a black hearse.

The body has been tampered with, according to the police, most likely because of reckless driving. According to Detective James Blume, the deceased had been pulled off the gurney she had been laying on, and put on her side.

DeHart is facing a pair of felony charges because of the incident- for grand larceny and displacement of a dead body, reports the Smoking Gun.