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Burn Notice: Indian spies caught peeping in women's toilet


Indian spies' next target? Spooks at India's National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO) are under fire for allegedly placing a hidden camera in the agency's women's bathroom.



This is what happens when spies go wrong.

Officers at India's National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO), under investigation by the Supreme Court for various alleged irregularities, have now been charged with the ignominous crime of peeping on female officers in the agency toilet, reports the Indian Express.

They were caught three years ago, apparently, but the agency managed to keep the issue quiet until now.  Women complained about a spycam fixed in their toilet with the feed from the camera being accessed by a computer manned by the agency’s counter-intelligence and security unit, the paper said.

The Indian Express said the NTRO conducted two internal inquiries but did not inform the police or the Prime Minister’s Office.

V K Mittal, the technical head of NTRO who headed the probe, has since left the agency and has moved the Supreme Court alleging mismanagement and financial impopriety at the agency.

Mittal told The Indian Express that he submitted a report to then NTRO chairman K V S S Prasad Rao calling for “suitable legal action” in the case. The spycamera was said to have been bought with secret service funds.

“I took the help of a lady officer who questioned four or five of the women who were victims. But I found that the hard disk of the computer where the feeds from the camera were stored had been overwritten and technically destroyed. I do not want to comment further,” said Mittal.

Among the things Mittal didn't say: This was one of the many cameras that was NOT trained on the Delhi High Court, where a briefcase bomb planted by a terrorist killed 14 people earlier this month.