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Russian cannibal ate gay date

A 21-year-old Russian cannibal brutally stabbed his gay date to death and then made him into meatballs and uploaded footage of him cooking onto the internet.

Known as Ivan L, the chef allegedly lured his victim, aged 32, to his Murmansk flat where he killed him and then cut off his head and feet because he wanted to eat human flesh.

"The defendant wanted to try eating at least ten people in the future," Investigator Fedor Bludenov said, the Daily Mail reports.

"The accused stabbed the man a few times, and after having assured himself that his victim was dead, he cut up his body and ate him."

It was not being treated as a gay-hate crime, investigators said, Ria Novosti reports.

'It wasn't that he had an extraordinary hatred for those of a different sexual orientation, but he was sure that such people would keep a secret about who they were meeting, so it would be harder to catch him," Bludenov said.

Ivan L has reportedly confessed to the killing and faces 15 years in jail but his mental fitness will first be assessed.

From a wealthy family in a small Arctic Circle town, Murmansk, he even posted videos online of his cooking with human flesh, including a rib dish, but the offending images have now been removed.

The victim's 52-year-old mother led police to the accused through her son's dating website that he used.