Hurricane Irene pounded North Carolina early Saturday morning and continued north wrecking havoc all the way up to New England, where floods are reportedly occurring in Vermont.  Tomorrow, as residents of cities along the eastern coast of the U.S. attempt clean up Irene's wreckage, the southern U.S. will be reminded of their own recent natural disasters: it's the sixth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Thanks to Katrina, and American outrage over certain politicians' reactions to the storm and its aftermath, the northeast's politicians learned to take every precaution necessary as they deal with Irene. Bernie Rayno, senior meteorologist at AccuWeather, speaks with us about the resulting damage from Hurricane Irene.  Anna Sale, from WNYC's  It's a Free Country, will also join us, to go over the winners –  one being New Jersey Governor Chris Christie –  and losers, in the aftermath of the storm.