Libyan ambassador offers glimpse into new government


Ali Suleiman Aujali in an interview with PBSNewsHour on March 22, 2011 (Image from PBSNewshour, Youtube)

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In an interview with The World's Marco Werman, Libya's new ambassador Ali Suleiman Aujali acknowledged there is concern that Moammar Gadhafi has still not been located. But, he says, it won't stop the Transitional National Council from moving forward with its plans.

"It will not stop the TNC from what they're planning to do with Libya," Aujali said. "They want to form a democratic government, they want to supply services and start to get the frozen money for the security and stability of Libya. We are not going to wait until we find Gadhafi and then we start to move."

When asked how former Gadhafi nationalists will fare in the new government, Aujali said those who are "clean and not corrupted" will have a place. He went on to say however, that all who served Gadhafi should be investigated, and face trial if they are found to have committed crimes against the Libyan people.

"Revenge will not serve our purpose," he added. "We should tell the world that we are completely different from Gadhafi."


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