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Who wants to marry a cannibal?


Indonesian cannibal Sumanto poses at a private rehabilitation centre housing persons with mental and emotional problems in 2009. Sumanto is undergoing spiritual guidance and rehabilitation therapy after his release from jail when he was convicted for stealing a body of a dead woman in a cemetery and eating parts of the corpse.



A cannibal infamous for digging up and consuming the corpse of an old woman is ready for love, the Jakarta Post reports.

But Sumanto, still in rehabilitation on the island of Java, has standards.

"The most important thing is that [she] is a woman and can cook," he told the Post, adding that he also wants someone "religiously devout" and good with kids.

But she doesn't have to be beautiful, he said.

Ladies, however, should take caution: a fascinating profile of Sumanto published by Agence France Presse in 2009 suggests he's not such a catch. 

Neighbors still recall the man's "fang-like teeth, forked tongue and diet of cats, cockroaches and lizards," according to AFP.

Said one neighbor: "There'll be chaos if he ever comes back. I don't want him to kill me and have me for dinner."