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Video: 'Gulp' Stop-motion Animation

For the Geo Quiz we are looking for a beach in southern Wales. It stretches out for seven miles and is really flat. In the early 1900s, this stretch of flat, firm sand was considered the safest place in Britain to race cars and motorcycles. Today, it hosts an annual rock music festival attended by bands from all over Britain. And this week, some film-makers set the record for the largest stop-motion animation set.

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The answer to the Geo Quiz is Pendine Sands on the south coast of Wales.
It is on the Pendine Sands where Will Studd and Ed Patterson co-directed the 92-second stop-motion animation film "Gulp." Stop-motion animation is a kind of film-making that usually involves relatively small objects and sets. The film-makers set a record for the largest stop-motion animation set that stretched about 140 feet by 80 feet. Anchor Lisa Mullins talks to Stud and Patterson about their adventures while shooting the film.